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I am truly honoured to be able to help you get a website for your small business. I hope you find this process easy to follow and that you enjoy working with me! Remember, you are welcome to send me an email if you have any questions.  And… don’t forget to share my info with your small business friends.


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Below you will find important information regarding the web design process. Please read all of the information and just let me know if you have any questions.

The following email form is to gather general information regarding your wishes for the website. More specific forms for each layout are below the following layout instructions.

Important Info

Please Read!

Please refer to the website layout template of choice when filling in the Layout Content Form. All layouts can be found at

Note that there are limitations regarding the design of each layout. Colours, content and images can be changed but the design will stay the same with the odd exception.

Also note that these layouts will continue to stay on my website as available layouts. Since most people want their own words and images, and sometimes colours, it is highly unlikely that two websites will look the same even though we started with the same layout.

If you want to have sole ownership of the layout, you will need to purchase it at an additional cost. I will then remove it from my website so it is no longer available for others to use.

All images in the layouts can be used or you may switch them out for your own images. Each Layout Content Form advises of the images sizes required for that particular layout. Please use these sizes or larger for each one and ensure the images are in high resolution. Images must be good quality and large size to ensure they look good on your site. Note that the images will be cropped if they are not the correct ratio.

All images and PDF downloads that you want to include must be sent by email to with the Subject Line: Images & Downloads for the (insert your name) Website. If the files sizes are large, please split them into several emails to send and put 1 of 4 (or whatever the number is) in the subject line as well. We can also arrange to use Dropbox or other online sharing program if you like.

For the Email address that you specify that you want in the General Info Form, we can set it up to forward to your current email address (Eg. gmail, hotmail, etc). Or, if you are comfortable with setting up an email account, we can make this email address your primary one with no forward.

Where there are 2 or more columns in a design that match each other, try to keep your content the same amount of words to match so each column will be uniform with the other column.

At the top of each layout is a navigation bar. Currently they are all set to have the logo in the middle and the navigation on either side. We can set this up to be the logo on the left and navigation on the right, if you prefer. Some logos will not fit in that location so we can use your business name or title there and put the logo in the body of the page somewhere.

If any of my images are used for any layout, a “Photos by Janice Byer Photography” will be included at the bottom of the page.

You are responsible for marketing and promoting your website. Even though I optimize the website for search engines, the old saying “if you build it, they will come” does not apply here. You need to share and post your website everywhere that can help you get clients. Don’t just let it sit waiting for clients to come. Get the word out and share your website address as often as you can.


Layout Content Forms

The following are the content forms for each layout. Please choose the one associated to the layout you want to use and fill in all the fields. Don’t forget to also fill out the General Information form.

If you have photos you want to change, send them to me by email and indicate which photo replaces which photo. If you have PDF files that need to be included, please email them as well. Contact me if you would like to send them through Dropbox or other online sharing site.

Still Have Questions?